Flyers, Posters & Point of Sale

Vodka Revolution, Plan B, Vienna

VODKA REVOLUTION – This Brief involved producing promotion for several nights including an open mic night and a girls only party in conjunction with Breast Cancer awareness. As Vodka Revolution are a national chain with bars throughout the UK it was important that I upheld their strict brand guidelines. In this case the Vodka Revolution logo, star design and colourway were essential.

PLAN B – Plan B is an underground music venue in Nottingham city centre which was aiming to change its reputation and appeal to a more student friendly crowd. For this brief I was employed to design a new logo, promotional posters and menus to go inside the bar and flyers to be distributed throughout Nottingham publicizing the relaunch.

These flyers were to promote the launch of a new rock and metal night at multi-million pound cocktail and champagne bar Vienna. They had to appeal to younger rock and metal fans while not alienating the existing clientèle.